Had my tutorial with Rebecca on Tuesday. She had some really good points and gave me a lot to think about... Honestly I really agree with everything she said. I was already kind of struggling to justify some of my choices with the chair thing, and this really simplifies things. Sound isn't going to be part of my final piece, at least not directly, so I'm going to focus on a fabric/textile that communicates instead. Here are some notes fro my talk with her, and a few reference images.

  • audience = 2 people who disagree
    • both need to feel comfortable and uncomfortable
  • comfort & discomfort / familiar & foreign / safe & what you avoid
  • combining the two → make a space where two people are comfortable enough to encounter the uncomfortable
  • basing comfort w/ home = the familiar
    • living room, comfortable seating (armchair, sofa), plants, lighting, beds, pillows, soft fabrics (clothes, towels, blankets, pajamas)
  • fine art term trompe l’oeil = trick/deceive the eye
  • forced perspective = architectural/physical trompe l’oeil
  • using both trompe l’oeil & forced perspective as metaphors for creation of textile w/ controversial topics of conversation → see above (combining the two)
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