degree show sketch

I've decided to work on creating an experience, one in which the audience is presented with a familiar environment and invited to interact with it, and then has to reevaluate their surroundings because the environment is not what it seemed. To do this, I plan to work toward the sketch presented above.

Next steps: 

  • Work on creating working motion sensor (perhaps PIR) code and sensitivity
  • Create/source & edit sound material; possibly protests, aggressive speeches, eery silence, etc
  • Source materials (chair, rug, lamp, etc) to create a comfortable environment
  • Wow everyone! (including me)

Pervading questions:

  • If my project is about creating provocative experiences, how do I submit it for my portfolio review? The goal is the actual event and experience so I am designing it for the space in which it will be interacted with...
  • Since I'm exploring the familiar/comfortable with the unfamiliar/uncomfortable through experience-based design, what else do I need to work toward to demonstrate my research, experiments, etc?
Savvy BaderComment