Perspective API integrates AI to score and set limits to 'toxicity' in comments sections. This article in NY Mag discusses Perspective's uses and whether or not it will create a healthier online discourse. The hope is, Perspective will allow websites restrict the toxicity in comments and open exchanges to promote civility, or at least make people think a little harder before posting a comment that could be seen as inflammatory. Just a thought, but is this an infringement on free speech? Anyway...

I had this wacky idea the other day for a game or environmental engagement tool designed to allow an individual to reason and attempt to win an argument with a chatbot or conversation AI. Think like, a Catholic confessional booth where the "priest" is a well trained AI filled with the wisdom of the internet and the "sinner" is a regular Joe or Judy trying to win an argument. I guess the idea is to learn how to reason better. My thought being, if you can win against a computer or the collective intelligence of the internet, then you probably have some pretty solid evidence and reasoning skills.

Another idea I'm working on is also based on this idea of toxic comments sections. I was reading the comments on a Youtube video, generally an ill-advised activity, and wondered, "would these people really say things like this in person?" What if in getting people to be more considerate and less reactionary, I could create a system where comments couldn't be typed but needed to be spoken and dictated by speech recognition? For the WIP next week, this will probably only materialize as a video, but still the idea is there. 

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