It's no secret, I LOVE podcasts.

Pretty much since my discovery of the medium I've used them to keep me company while commuting, working on freelance projects, and conversation starters. It's only recently though that I've started analyzing my love of podcasts and which ones in particular I enjoy listening to and why. You never know what you'll learn or be inspired by.

Mainly I enjoy the intimacy of the medium, that both the process of creating and listening to a podcast are private but separate spaces, and the ability to dig deep into a small group discussion. Here's a list of a few favorites.

99 Percent Invisible

As long as there are things to talk about I will have a quote, fact, or little story to add to the conversation that I heard from 99pi. Roman Mars is a brilliant host and clearly passionate about making the world of design more accessible to more people. Of course, most of us "beautiful nerds" are probably in the design industry, but Roman and the producers of the show are masters at researching and narrating their subjects. 

Below is one of my favorite recent episodes. Beware the algorithm!

Ear Hustle

I think it's human nature to be curious about things we haven't experienced, and Ear Hustle is the perfect way to spy on the secretive world of prisons. The show interviews inmates from inside San Quentin State Prison. The stories are raw, emotions can run high, and just plain interesting. We have so many assumptions about prison life from media, rumors, and ideas based on societal beliefs, all of which are respectfully challenged in this podcast.

How often do you get such an honest view of some aspect of someone's life?

Song Exploder

We all listen to music, nearly constantly for a lot of us since we have access to it every waking moment now. But do we understand the process and artistry in creating a song? As the title suggests, this podcast details the minute details that go into creating a song, and everyone has a different process. Getting insight to a usually private, and seemingly mystical, creative process is such a wonderful use of the intimacy of the podcast medium. Hrishikesh Hirway's interview style has such ease, you get the feeling even the most reclusive musician would divulge their secrets.

This episode interviews Jóhann Jóhannsson about creating the score for Arrival, a film and score I absolutely fell in love with.

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

Hosted by Roman Mars, the same host as 99pi, this podcast is very much a reaction to the current political climate in the United States, and I feel a very poignant reaction at that. With education comes power, so what better way to respond to the fear of a Trump presidency than to learn as much as we can about the US constitution?! *praise hands emoji*

The following episode I found particularly interesting, for somewhat obvious reasons.

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