I've been sitting on last week's feedback from the tutorial with Max, and now have more feedback from today's pin-up tutorial... so many post-its!

Sometimes it feels like people are getting lots more out of what I'm presenting than I am. And these post-it notes prove it. A lot like this jumble of notes and post-its I've saved in my notebook, my work has been a bit stunted by the fact that I have too many thoughts, ideas, and not a lot of confidence in committing to one idea. 

Interestingly, both sets of feedback bring out similar questions, even though one set is responding to my experiment with AR and newspapers, and the other another sound and animation experiment (will discuss in next post). Maybe that means, even if I can't see it at the moment, there are threads joining these experiments, linked by a common theme I have yet to admit to myself. Gonna ruminate with these sets of feedback for the next few weeks while I carry on experimenting.

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