During the pin-up last week I was inspired by a few of my fellow students using augmented reality (AR) apps to experiment with their subjects. I immediately wondered if I could use the technology to bring a more bipartisan experience to something like reading a newspaper.

The CSM environment is almost exclusively liberal in political views, collectively complaining about unprogressive policies, Trump, and more. Since coming to London I have been interested in the differences between the UK and USA political system and especially how the public interacts with those systems. The two party system of the US is difficult to explain or understand to those outside the system, and likewise I have difficulty fathoming a democratic system with more than two choices. 

It struck me that AR reveals a layer of fantasy upon reality. The way we engage with politics and the great echo-chambers therein, I see the world as quite the opposite. We live in a fantasy, where we can pretend opposing views don't exist and we are always right. With this experiment I wondered if I could use AR to strip back the fantasy to reveal the reality.

Though a very basic start, this use of AR layers articles from opposing newspapers (The Guardian and The Telegraph) to enhance the reading experience and begin to expose the filters through which we chose to view the world.

Savvy BaderComment