This week I wanted to collect some different kinds of sound material.

First up is an interview, conversation really, with Moon where I asked her what has been bothering her recently. I wanted to understand if things that occupy our thoughts and nag our subconscious, on an individual level, might teach me more about the societal problems. Issues that plague society must have some foundation in what we experience and struggle with daily, right?

Secondly is a recording at the second Women's March, this time a rally, in London. I attended the march last year but didn't record the proceedings other than with an instagram post. This year was different, partly due to weather I'm sure (it was dreadful, cold, snowy, icy...), and maybe it felt different because it was a rally. The posters and chants were exasperated messages asking for an end to inequality and oppression.

I really enjoyed interviewing some of my fellow students during the WIP show and might explore that option further eventually. Something about pairing these two pieces together interests me, but I'm not sure why yet.

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