Another week, another weirdo experiment. This short animation is testing the relationship of sound to protest chants. The ethereal, musical sounds featured in the video are derived from a protest chant, "No Justice No Peace", taken from a video of residences surrounding the Grenfell Tower. The chant itself was manipulated into a midi instrument to create the strange sounds you hear here. The first animation is a particle manipulation in After Effects, trying to recreate fire and have it swell with the rise of voices. The second animation segment is a simple growing dot, affected by the sounds it "hears," and the last is testing text, similar to my previous animations using protest sounds and text.

Reception of this video was mixed at tutorial yesterday. Honestly though I wasn't sure what to say or how to explain what I did, other than I got the idea of treating the chanting like this by hearing a description of radio jingles that I thought sounded related to what a protest chant is. Both are small soundbites, repeated, to evoke an emotional and persuasive attachment. My peers thought the sound manipulations were interesting, and seemed to like the animations, but had questions about why I was experimenting in this way. Unfortunately I am also having these concerns, so I really didn't know what to tell them.

Rebecca came in at the end of my feedback and suggested I look more in-depth at the language of protests, and what effect design has. Hopefully this suggestion will get me back on a path, or at least closer to one, of a reasoned argument to guide my experiments.

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