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Before the writing workshop last week I was worried because while I'm finding all my research on mapping/notation methods/translation/etc really interesting and exciting, I'm not sure it's really the route I'm comfortable with for the whole of this project. Some may have focussed on what they've been researching thus far, but I took the workshop as a separate entity, hoping to find a topic or bridge between topics. We discussed in pairs about our personal interests/passions (as shown above), as well as a few artists/designers we find influential. 

Day-to-day I think a lot about my position in the world, my experiences compared to others', and how I can affect change in some form or another. I've taken part in protests and rallies, try to engage in constructive ideological conversations when possible, and enjoy living abroad which allows me more opportunity to learn about other cultures while sharing my own. Then of course there are my true loves: jellyfish and Jane Austen. Both are otherworldly, kind of ethereal, and have fascinated me longer than most other things. And food, can't live without it, but who would want to?! Food, how, when, and what we eat, defines the communities these rituals come from. 

Should I be mapping feminism in the world? Creating a translation or notational method for food communities? Looking at methods of travel? Communicating Austen feminism? Codify family relationships? 

I think with all these options and interests I am just getting more confused and know I should just pick a topic and run with it, but what if I don't get very far? I don't want to keep starting over...

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