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This process blog will follow my progress through my project while I pursue an MA in graphic communication design. Currently still in its infancy, I plan to experiment with mapping, translation, and notation devices. Join me as I explore the many facets of these concepts and further define my project.

Found Quotes

from World in the Balance by Robert P. Crease

"[measurements are arbitrary and circular] we call noon the moment the cannon fires, and fire the cannon at noon"

from Visual Complexity by Manuel Lima

"[maps are] a part of human nature - the desire to know where we fit within the grander scheme of things"

from Walking and Mapping by Karen O'Rourke

"when we stop using a name, the place itself vanishes"

"the variable nature of our attention creates different types of memories"

"a photograph, for example, not only excites an image, has an appearance, but, owing to its optical connection with the object, is evidence that that appearance corresponds to a reality"

"humans tend to focus on matters close at hand, while places farther away remain an indistinct blur"

"'it is always possible to walk in new ways.' the same can be said for mapping"

Movements from past week

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