Call & Response

A quick experiment to explore the call and response aspects of protests and activism. The chants heard are all from one event, the two-day protest and counter-protest in Charlottesville on August 11-12 2017. The intention of this experiment is to highlight the similarities between the two sides of the protests. Often protests happen in isolation. Meaning, an individual protestor is surrounded by a sea of like-minded fellow protestors and the opposition is neither heard nor considered. This massive gulf between the extremes is what keeps them divided. From a societal standpoint, Iā€™m concerned that certain groups have decidedly no interest in having rational discussions on issues important to them, and instead insist that anyone not with them is against them. As a designer, I wonder if I can emphasize the reality of the situation. In an ideal world I could design a way to get unlike groups talking.

Savvy BaderComment