Design as a Force for Social Change

Last night I went to this talk at the Bloomsbury Institute as part of the London Design Festival 2017. Following is a curated selection from my notes of the evening.

2017-09-29 17.32.11.jpg
  • no design is neutral
  • we need a more critical and responsible culture (in design)
    • should include how we act as consumers
  • ethics underpin everything we do
  • have to be a provacateur
    • breaking down barriers - make people uncomfortable
    • using design as a fictional tool
  • where visual communicators become journalists (aka visual journalism)
  • criticality - need to become more critical of messages
  • DIY's role in design (eg. pussy hat, banner lending library, etc)
    • the making and process as a sense of empowerment
    • need for grassroots actions within activism
  • design as service vs authors - concept vs form - conceptual and practical balance
    • designing and speaking on behalf of other people
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