Think Tank & Mini-Brief

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Jess and Daniela spear-headed a small “think tank” group, with the idea that our projects all centered around participation or audience involvement. We only met once, so far, but we had a really interesting discussion. We talked for a while about our projects, concepts like the relationship between designer and audience, and where designers fall on the spectrum of communicating ideas. Eventually we defined a set of parameters from which we could base future designs. It is a list of concepts that may seem like common sense but we considered how these “rules” affect our designs and were extremely careful in word choice. We then paired up, set a brief based on our “time is a form of authority” conclusion, and gave ourselves an hour to work to that brief. We wanted to force ourselves into making and then come back to the group and share.

Jad and I looked at “terrorism” through the lenses of time. His work is based on sharing information across digital platforms so I didn’t set out thinking we’d have much overlap. But I soon found out we were both interested in how imagery affects behavior. So combined our main tools of visualization (me protest visualizations and him displayed/shared image) and came up with a terrorism protest poster displayed in a museum or gallery. Our interests lie in taking the object out of its intended context and giving it captions, each caption formatted the same way but describing a different time in the history of terrorism. We wanted to show the disparity between object and experiencing it, a word’s definition and it’s vernacular use.

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