UQ5 - Peripheral & What is Center

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I haven't been writing about UQ (Unknown Quantities), but we just had a very interesting discussion with Prem Krishnamurthy and felt it important to share. First, a little background, UQ is a collaborative publication between MA Graphic Communication Design and MA Culture Criticism and Curation here at Central Saint Martins. I am part of the group developing and designing the 5th issue of the publication this year and we are focusing on the subject or theme of "peripheral". We've had a tough time this last month, trying to get enough contributions, editing on time, and now working toward a design that explores peripheries. 

The conversation we had with Prem yesterday brought up some very exciting ideas on how to structure a journal around the edges of the center. I had suggested early on in the design process to leave contributions in their native languages and have the English translations in the back or on the website, arguing that this would disrupt the expectations the reader would have and enable those who read other languages to feel closer to the "center". Some members of the group liked the idea but there was never enough of a discussion on it. Prem brought up more ideas like my language one; designing for readers who are usually denied access, designing the publication to perform  periphery, or even flip the commissioning from content contributors to design contributors. 

This was my favorite discussion yet on what UQ could be. Unfortunately I think this came a bit late for us. We walked away thinking it'd be amazing to have thought about these ideas weeks ago, when we had a little more time and flexibility. Anyway, more on UQ later when it's closer to print.

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