Neon Litter Movement & Brain Child Festival

My friend invited me to bring Neon Litter Movement to a festival he would be working, and last weekend we did it! I wasn't sure how it would work and it definitely didn't go the way Sein and I planned, but it was a good experience. Since the whole project is based around the concept of performance-based behavior change I was really excited to see how it might work in a festival setting. Festivals are like mini temporary societies so what could go wrong?! 

Sein, Moon, and I didn't really have enough time to do much with Neon Litter Movement, since we were helping out with the festival's Green Team, working to promote rubbish separation and recycling as part of the festival's new waste policies. We did have time to do two performances though (video still to be edited! will post when ready), and incorporated the recycling aspect to aid the festival's efforts. There are already talks of next year and I think Sein and I are eager to work more closely with the festival organizers and those in charge of waste so we can better understand how to use the performance!

Savvy BaderComment