Soul of a Nation

I just got back from seeing the Tate Modern's exhibition, Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power, and I have mixed emotions. 

Things I loved:

  • amazing collection of art and design
  • chronological galleries as a way to explore civil rights movement through art
  • so many mediums, so little time! prints, paintings, collage, fashion, sculpture, and more!
  • accompanying Spotify playlist
  • gallery 2, my favorite gallery in the whole exhibition even if it was the smallest! (could really do a whole exhibition on just Black Panther Party art and design)

Things I'm unsure about:

  • who were the curators? I certainly hope many/most of them are black
  • does any of the money from tickets or sale of merchandise go toward modern civil rights organizations?
  • at times the presentation felt like this issue of racism is unique to the US... I know it is American artists on the American Civil Rights Movement, but as we're in London might have been nice to have connections to other civil rights movements? I think it's easy for people to see this as something they don't have to fully relate to when it's just centered around a specific place... 
Savvy BaderComment