Design of Dissent

Lately I've been unsure about my role as a designer within activism. It seems to me the designer really doesn't have much of a place in activism, the best and most passionate pieces seen in protests tend to be made by "amatuers" and specifically from individuals part of the movement. I decided to look through Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilić's Design of Dissent again, to see if there were connections between the visuals coming from protests and public activism and those set forth by artists and designers. Or at least look at a collection of visuals that a designer has deemed worthy of putting in a book. The art and design presented in this book represent work, to me, that highlights, and sometimes critiques, social issues. The audience is invited to consider some very provoking imagery and in so doing position themselves within the discussion.Below are snapshots of the pieces I found most compelling, especially as they relate to my academic interests in oppression, race, equality, and capitalism.

Savvy BaderComment